I feel that I'm not myself recently
like idiot or some kinda stupid girl
haha...actually I dont wanna feel sad or something about that
Although that I totally loss myself !!!!!
Be strong! I know you can do that and do well
Most of them thought I am the girl who likes play and there r some guys chase me.
It's not true, if u know me well...even though I don,t care that
I remember that my ex boss said :U r the girl who always attract bad man cuz u have some temperament.

OK,I just wanna complain it :)

I bought ear drop and something yesterday...
" I just want to buy something!!!"
and how come there r no suitable dress for me here?
Then I go to SC for Japanese party tonight
MS and I are only Korean and Taiwanese there~
I think they r so kind cuz they speak English not Japanese all the time.

There r so many Japanese girls :) haha,and I'm the oldest one :(

I have to sleep now................
We have been slept late for 2~3 days
I do not like this life really...
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